Quang T. Pham

Quang T. Pham

Webinar 5: Instant Coding Assistant for Power Platform Development

Posted: 02.2022 | Category: Webinar

On 24th January 2022, we hosted our first webinar of 2022 about "Instant Coding Assistant for Power Platform Development." In this session, we deep-dive into the world of Dynamics pro-developers and their common coding challenges. We also proudly introduced our brand new product - Kupp Code Analytics (KCA).

KCA is a Visual Studio extension that provides intelligent coding assistance, workflow insights, and more. KCA provides IntelliSense for specific components such as Entities, Fields, Relationships, and Plugin Images.


Part 1 - Introduction 
- About Kupp & Why we love developers
- Code Now, Don't browse
- Common Power Platform/D365 coding issues

Part 2 - Kupp Code Analytics

💡 Basic Concept
- IntelliSense for Attributes
- Early vs. Late Bound --> Instant QA Verification

📺 Live demos
- Console App: Quick Data Fix
- Azure Function: Integrations with Dataverse
- Plugin: Custom Ownership Logic
- FetchXML to C# Code: One-click convert in Visual Studio

🔎 Outlook:
-Next webinar: IntelliSense for TS/JS
-Enterprise Branching & Code Quality 


Become a tester and get a 6-month free enterprise license. In return, your expert feedback will help us to fine-tune the product better. 

Here are the 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Get KCA from Visual Studio Marketplace HERE (VS22 only*)
  • Step 2: Activate License & try out the product
  • Step 3: Rate & Review on Visual Studio Marketplace** 


*If you're on VS19, please download the extension here

** Once our team notice your "rating & review" on Visual Studio Marketplace, we will reach out and grant you a 6-month free of enterprise license


Your feedback means a lot to us! 

We need your feedback to improve our upcoming content! So, if possible, please take 30 seconds to fill out this feedback form.

More info about Kupp Code Analytics

Interested in a product demo?

Please shoot us a message at sales@kuppsoft.com or schedule a meeting here!